Details, Details

This picture is just about wrapped up!I added details to the lips, inserted eyebrows, and made the angles more intense in the neck and hair. Honestly, this picture is just about done! I would like to add a little more dimension to the skin of the face and possibly tie the skin tone into the background, but... Continue Reading →

Make it Pop

Today was the third stream working on this lovely piece of art! Just as was discussed in last week's art post, I felt that this piece needed a bigger background and some tweaks to the facial features.I ended up bringing up the chin, playing with the opacity on the eyes and then spending a lot of... Continue Reading →

Ever Changing…

Today was stream day! I would have posted on here before I streamed, but the cats were bad and unplugged everything and knocked over a plant, so I was late to the stream. Today I played with the colour scheme on the girl I started last week and as you can tell, I have gone... Continue Reading →

It’s Something!

This is definitely not my favorite work in progress, but I like the colours. I tend to get frustrated when I can't seem to properly create the images in my head, and this is definitely one of those times. Honestly that is why I have mostly been drawing lately instead of doing digital art. Digital... Continue Reading →

Art for Art’s Sake

It's a lazy Saturday, but it's still stream day! Today at 3pm EST I'm going to jump into Photoshop with a blank canvas and see what fun art comes out of it. It's been a long time since I've done a digital art piece with no direction, so it should be a fun stream to... Continue Reading →

It’s Alive!

I have officially tried painting with food colouring! I have to say that when done correctly, the food colouring responds kind of like water colours. Of course, I didn't exactly use the food colouring "correctly". In the future, I would use only a few drops of  diluted food colouring for each pigment instead of trying... Continue Reading →

Painting Like a Pro

It's stream day! I have been asked to try painting with food colouring, so today at 3pm EST, I will be harnessing my inner avant garde artist! Tune in to see how this goes!

Stippling Takes Forever

Since I discovered stippling back in 2012, I have been obsessed with it! I prefer it to just about any other style of shading and think that the finished product created with stippling looks very accurate if done correctly. The only draw back that I have found with stippling is that it takes forever!! Though... Continue Reading →

Check out the new art!

In case you missed today's art stream, it was a spooky Halloween themed stream! (I feel like Dr. Seuss) I first rolled and got a trick, but the treat I rolled for was drawing Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul! Since I have several images that I have yet to finish from the last couple of... Continue Reading →

Saturday is Stream Day!

That's right, it is stream day yet again!! At 3pm EST I will be going live to do a spooky Halloween themed art stream! I have a list of Halloween prompts and will be doing another hands on drawing decided by the roll of a die. Tune in to see what I'm working on today!

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